A Level - Math SAMP



Sample (1)

Miss Evans earns £240 per week.

She is awarded a pay rise of 3.5%.

Mr Dale earns £220 per week.

He is awarded a pay rise of 4%.

Whose weekly pay increases by the greater amount of money?

You must show all your working.


Answer :                  



Sample (2)

A box contains a number of counters.

Each counter is coloured red (R) or white (W).

Each counter is also numbered 1 or 2.

The table shows the probabilities of picking the different colours and numbers when  a counter is picked at random from the box.



Write down the colour and the number of the counter that is least likely to be picked at random from the box.


Sam says that there are 50 counters in the box. Explain why Sam must be wrong.



Sample (3)



Answer :                  


Answer :                  


Answer :                                   



Sample (4)

The table shows the weights of 100 children in year 7.

An estimate of the mean weight of the children is calculated as 44 kg.

Calculate the values of a and b.


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